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Service Questions

The total cost, including all fees and services, is $10 USD per applicant ($13.50 SGD, £7.50 GBP, 40 RM). There are no other government fees or taxes.

Note: If you wish to travel for business, we charge $20 USD per applicant.

We focus on ETA visas only, which are the most common and popular visas. Due to this focus, we are able to keep our online and personnel costs to a minimum, passing the savings along to you.

We focus on Australian visa services exclusively. Our experts have helped thousands of travelers (or agencies) just like you with their travel or visa needs.

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We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

All transactions are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the visa request.

Travel Questions

No. You are not required to have a plane ticket before applying.

With an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa, otherwise known as a subclass 601 visa, you are permitted to stay a maximum of 3 months. However, you are permitted multiple entries within the 12-month validity period. However, if you wish to stay longer than 3 months on any one trip, then review your other visa options, which are available through the Department of Home Affairs, here.

No problem! You can reach us at anytime. We're always happy to help with your travel or visa related questions.

Visa Related Questions

Unlike a traditional paper visa, the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) permits a traveler to visit Australia for either tourism or business purposes. It is 100% fully electronic, and linked to your passport. It can be obtained online using our online application.

If you are visiting Australia as a tourist, for visiting friends or family, an ETA is the appropriate option. However, your trip may not exceed 3 months. Business visitors can also apply for a business ETA.

If you intend on working while in Australia, you can find out your work visa options here.

It's recommended that you apply 2 weeks prior (or more) to avoid delays or issues in the approval process. You are eligible to apply for an ETA as early as you would like, up to 12 months prior to your arrival into Australia.

Our visas are provided directly from Australian immigration, which can be verified through the Australian immigration VEVO system. Simply ask us for an ETA grant number upon receiving your confirmation e-mail. You can then check prior to departure on the government's VEVO site.

If you are unsure if you have an existing visa, you can still apply online. If you are granted a new ETA, the new ETA will become activate and valid beginning when your existing visa expires.

If you already hold any other more substantive visa (work, student, research, spouse, etc) when you are granted an ETA:

  • if the other visa is still valid when you next enter Australia, you will enter on that visa, not the new ETA
  • if you enter and stay in Australia on the other visa for longer than three months, the ETA will end three months from the date that you entered Australia.

Yes, travelers of all ages are required to obtain an ETA prior to departing for Australia. If they are linked to your passport, you still need to submit individual applications.

Who Can Apply?

Who needs a visa for Australia?

Travelers from all countries (except New Zealand) are required to obtain a visa. This must be done prior to entering the country, but is recommended you apply at least 2 weeks in advance. Not all countries are eligible for an ETA.

Eligible countries are as follows:










Hong Kong





South Korea









United Kingdom*

United States

If you are not carrying a passport from one of the above countries, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website to determine which visa is suitable for your needs.