Online Australian Visa Processing

Online Australia Visa Processing

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Do I Need a Visa for Australia?

All travelers visiting Australia require a visa prior to departure.
We make it quick and easy to obtain an Australian tourist visa (ETA) online to these
25 eligible countries.

Visa Application Steps


Apply Online

Fill out our quick online application with your name and passport details.


Review and Confirm

Review your passport information and make payment.


Receive Approved ETA

Receive your ETA, and travel anytime in the next 12 months.

Choosing an ETA Visa Type

Tourist in Sydney

    Tourist ETA

  • Subclass 601-T
  • Holidays/Vacation
  • Seeing Friends or Family
  • Stay up to 3 Months per Visit
  • Valid for 1-Year from Date of Issue
  • Multiple Entry allowed
  • Work / Wages NOT allowed
Business Couple in Sydney

    Business ETA

  • Subclass 601-B
  • Holiday/Vacation + Business
  • Conference, Seminars, more..
  • Stay up to 3 Months per Visit
  • Valid for 1-Year from Date of Issue
  • Multiple Entry allowed
  • Work / Wages NOT allowed

How do I receive my visa?

After submitting your online application, your visa will be sent over via email within 24-hours.

In a hurry? We offer 15-minute urgent services

Trek Australia Benefits

Reliable processing by our visa experts

In addition to saving money, here are a few of our many benefits

Government TrekAU
Verified Visas through ETA Grant Number
No account required
FREE Amendments
E-mail Support & Assistance
Error checking prior to submitting application
15-Minute Urgent Services

Verify Your Visa

Customers Only

We automatically confirm your visa for you, so this service is completely optional. However, we offer the ability to all our customers to check your visa directly on the VEVO website. You will need an ETA Grant Number, which can be provided upon request to any customer.

ETA Grant Number Request

Request Grant Number

Grant numbers can be provided after you receive your visa.
No spaces.
Never shared.
Already Have Your Grant Number?

Accessing VEVO

1. Visit the Department of Home Affairs VEVO system.

2. Under dropdown menu, select passport.

3. Match the following settings, but include your grant number (provided by us), date of birth, and passport number.
NOTE: We can only provide grant numbers to TrekAU customers.

IMPORTANT: If you already have an existing visa that has not yet expired, the VEVO system will not identify the newly issued grant number until your current visa expires.

Visa Check

Unsure if you already have a visa?

We can check to see if you already have a visa or not. Simply fill out this quick form, and we will let you know within 24 hours.
This service is free.

Visa Enquiry
Name shared with family. Given/first name not required.
Never shared.
Passport issuing country.
No spaces.

If you have any further questions,
visit our frequently asked questions.
Also, email or visit TrekAU Facebook page.

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